OPI Nail Lacquer Reviews

Good Sunday evening, dear Beauticians!
I think that there is never much good, so I decided to show you one more time of the autumn handsome from OPI

Full name of varnish: OPI Nail Lacquer My Private Jet NL B59
Detailed opinion: Initially, I bought a post niikaa65. While I was rushing around the shops, small shops and shops of St. Petersburg in search of handsome OPI, another post came out, which I already published Lapo4ka. Having enjoyed the swatch, I tripled my activity and here: a new honey agaric settled in my collection! My Private Jet is my undisputed favorite for this fall! I understand that this is far from the first post dedicated to him, but I could not refrain from showing you this handsome one again!
Much has been said about the characteristics of the varnish, I will not repeat myself: beyond praise! On my own, I add that the self-leveling of the varnish just struck me, indeed, as Natasha said, nails can be made up with my eyes closed! In my opinion, this is an ideal version of a dark bright varnish for a beginner in the "paint" business
Swatch: I could not choose a photo, so I made collages

Price: 450 rubles.

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