OPI Nail Polish "An Affair in Red Square",

This fall, vinous color comes in fashion, in lipsticks, varnishes, etc. Burgundy lipsticks, not for me, but varnish, for my white hands, is a completely different matter! Very beautiful, noble and tint rich in tints. Drop in :)

OPI Russian Collection An Affair in Red Square NLR53

The quality of this varnish makes me wildly delighted! Most of all I appreciate in varnishes an even coating and quick drying. This varnish dries very quickly, the first coat in one minute and the second about the same. I love when the varnish dries so quickly, because there is not always an extra hour to sit, do nothing and dry the varnish (I have varnishes that should dry normally for an hour). The coating of this varnish is perfect, no bubbles, looks great in 1 layer, there is no difference with its appearance in 2 layers. The smell is not sharp, it is easy and pleasant to paint their nails! In the photo, a manicure for which 2 days, as it behaves well done, does not bubble, does not break off at the edges. This is one of the best and most obedient opi varnishes. The brush is very comfortable, the varnish is not liquid and not too thick, just what I like. The shimmer in it is so small that it can not be considered, it is needed only for overflows.

I was a little pampered, I painted my lips with burgundy liquid lipstick from the set, I was surprised that she was to my face, but sooo bright, not sure if I could go out like that. A cool varnish, I am delighted with it!

Thank you for your attention, I’m Anya, to me at YOU.
Rating: 5+
Price: $ 10
Duration of use 2 days

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