Breaking Hearts with Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick - Heartbreaker

Good day to all!
I’m not a fondant, but the hero of today's post, even on a test, sunk into my soul

The photo:

Detailed opinion: I bought 2 shades from the Lasting Finish line, the second shade of Airy Fairy, unfortunately, disappointed with how it lays down. And this comrade behaved surprisingly well. Even though my lips are not in the best condition after the cold spring.
It so happened that, in principle, I am pretty cool on lip products, I do not like to constantly tint gloss or lipstick. The maximum is to make up sponges at the exit from the house. But I liked this shade so much that I even carry it with me (!) To tint it, if that
The durability of lipstick is very decent, it goes off smoothly. With kisses it is practically not imprinted
The hue is very beautiful, bright and berry, and, as it turned out, does not like to be photographed. In most general photos, it seems fuchsia, but in reality it is warmer. In general, see for yourself
Swatch (only decorative cosmetics):
Here, after application, I blotted a napkin. Daylight away from the window

Well, a bit of general views :)

Price: OK. 80 p. by stock
Test period: 3 weeks
Thank you all for stopping by. Be beautiful!

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