Golden Rose Carrot Coral

I continue acquaintance with varnishes from GR. Yesterday I got this shade, it seems to me, very summer
It's about Golden Rose Paris No. 80

As I wrote in previous posts, I really like the durability of varnishes in GR. I don’t like it. I don’t have time for this to paint my nails every day. The durability of these varnishes on my nails is 4-5 days, which completely suits me. In addition, I do not think that varnishes are what you need to spend a lot of money on, so budgeting also attracts me to Golden Rose. Therefore, slowly I replace all the shades of varnishes I need with this company.
I really like the color, such a warm coral, carrot shade. In general, these shades are very similar to each other, carrot is only brighter, so it's probably not quite right to call it a shade, but still)

As you can see, it has a lot of sparkles. Golden Rose has a series of glitter varnishes. I still have a couple of shades with sparkles from the same series, and I'm starting to understand that I like it less than the usual classic series.

Although of course it looks and flickers in the sun it is very beautiful ... but there are cons.
- Firstly, such varnishes very hard overlap the color of the nail. I apply a minimum of 3 layers, or even 4, to achieve the desired result, saturation and color.
- Secondly, they somehow unevenly cover the nail, I noticed that this series is more fluid in consistency, probably because of this and the distribution problem.
But there are pluses. I draw your attention, I'm not talking about GR varnishes at all, but about the series with sparkles from the usual one.
+ Lucky in this series lasts even longer.
+ The aesthetic side, although it's probably not for everybody, I like the way they shimmer beautifully in the sun.
Price: 50 rubles
Rating: 4- (unevenness is especially annoying)
But still, I remain a lover of this company and will continue to try shades
I just concluded for myself that I would be more careful with this series.

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